Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doing It With Style

Our friend, Joshua Katcher (aka The Discerning Brute) will be happy to know that these two gentlemen are going to be looking snazzy even while they are making doughnuts.  During part of my trip back home to see family, I also got a little time to work in my printing studio and whip us up a couple custom made aprons (and thanks to Mom for sewing them up for us!)

Like the idea of a vegan operated screen printing studio that specializes in printing images on shirts with some hip animal rights/vegan messages?  So did I!  So behind the scenes of our frenzied doughnut making obsession you can find "Peace Vegan."  If you're part of an animal rights group or business and need some t-shirts or hoodies give me a shout at dan@peacevegan.com, and check out the website at www.peacevegan.com

Here's another look at an upcoming vegan doughnut superstar.  Set your eyes on this and get your taste buds ready!

the Peanut Butter & Jelly

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