Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little History of Dan and I

This has been such a fun and funny experience getting this business off of the ground. A lot of people have written me saying: "I love your name. How did you come up with it?" which makes me laugh because it is simply a combination of our last names. Dunbar and Hollowell...when we came up with Dun-Well it was, I believe for the both of us, a realization that our friendship was written in the stars....or at least on our birth certificates.

Dan and I have known each other for quite some time and have done many crazy things together. If you know both of us you will know that he hated me when we first met but after some time I grew on him and we haven't looked back.

Because of Dan, or he might say say it has been my fault, I have been detained in a former soviet state for our lack of visas, stuck in a Mexican airport with no knowledge of when we might get out, up to my chest in water next to an ice burg, and almost eaten by a grizzly bear....twice. But I wouldn't change any of it.

Dan and I both have a passion for cycling and have biked across the US twice and around the world once. We have taken bush taxies, slept in mud huts, trekked through the sun in West Africa together, but nothing compares with what we are about to do now.

The excitement of starting this new adventure and being part of the Vegan Business Community is something Dan and I have been talking about since at least 2006 when I lived in Portland, OR. Unfortunately him and I have never lived in the same city.

That changed this year and that is why, on Feb 2nd, Dun-Well doughnuts will be born in NYC!

This is a little video Dan and I made when we wanted to be on THE AMAZING RACE! It gives a bit of background and I thought it would be fun to share with all of our doughnut friends.



  1. Great video guys! Looking forward to hearing more about the doughnut shop! Wish you both the best!

  2. that ridiculous orange beanie! you had it back then or is the current one an upgrade? (this is all my way of showing that i read your blog, i.e., am a good friend)

  3. also i want a Dun-Well t-shirt. will you have them at the launch???

  4. I have a stock pile :) I will have a shirt but you will have to talk to Dan if you want one :)

  5. I think in the video you see three different ones.... all of which are not the one I wear now.

  6. ah you guys should submit this to the amazing race for this year!