Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay everyone, here are some updates you might want to know about. Our launch date is still set for the 2nd of February which Dan and I are extremely excited about. What makes us most excited is the fact that we are in talks with one of our favorite NYC businesses MooShoes to host us that evening. So, hopefully people will be able to come, have a drink, eat a doughnut or two and look at some amazing vegan shoes with some really great people.

This Friday Dan and I are suppose to shoot some of our doughnuts with my favorite photographer (who is also vegan and a really great person) Ryan Pfluger. I can't wait to see what Ryan does...his work is so incredible and, if you didn't know, was named one of the coolest (or sexiest, I can't remember which) vegans.

Oh the ideas that have been streaming through our heads for doughnuts. I wish we could make them all now. But we have agreed that we are only going to make 12 different kinds to start out with. Him and I don't want to bite off more than we can chew. They are all amazing... Some great classic flavors and a few new ones just to keep the pot stirred. Hopefully Dan and I can soon be working with a plethora of other vegan places in NYC to bring you some great new flavors....one that we haven't made yet but are looking forward to trying would be a smore doughnut. (so...if you are out there Sweet & Sara get ready for our call)

Well...We look forward to seeing you all on Groundhog day for our launch.


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