Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pine Box and Lula's

Wow. Things are starting to get crazy and wonderful all at once with Dun-Well Doughnuts. We found some financing for some much needed equipment and Dan and I are buying those tools tomorrow. Hopefully with all of these new gadgets and with all of our planning Dan and I will be able to hit the ground running when we launch.

We were originally hoping to start doing some wholesaling before our official launch date of February 2nd but I Think we might have to hold off just to make sure we have everything in order. I think we will know all of that Friday.

Speaking of the Launch: boy, do Dan and I have some exciting news. Heather and Jeff of Pine Box have agreed to help us out with some of the drinks that night. If you haven’t been to Pine Box  you missing out.

First off it is a Vegan Bar…which may sound strange, but when you are sipping down on some of their home made baileys or snacking on their vegan empanadas from V spot you will know why this is such a great idea. My favorite part of the bar though, besides Heather’s incredible knowledge of all things Venture Bros, has to be the ethical hunting game that is ironically placed next to the bar. 

Dan and I are extremely excited to have these new friends of ours help us make this  launch party a total VEGAN EVENT.

Not only is Pine Box helping us out that night but our good friends at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary Blythe and Derek are possibly going to be making a special ice cream that day….and we might have a doughnut sunday to share with a few lucy friends…. But this isn’t all pinned down yet so… keep hoping.

Well… Dan and I have a day of doughnut making and fun times tomorrow…I am sure we will have more to add then

Hope everyone is getting as excited as we are.

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