Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great News!

This is a picture from back in 2008 when Dan came to visit me in Senegal West Africa where I was volunteering with the US Peace Corps. The life saver next to me in this picture could very well have been a subliminal inspiration for  Dun-Well Doughnuts

Dun-Well Doughnuts has and official place for our launch party on the 2nd. We are getting some of the images from our photo shoot this past week today and I hope that I can upload some of them when we get them. Other fun things that are happening is that the Girlie Girl Report mentioned our website in their blog today and we received a ton of e-mails wondering about our business. Well, it was kind of overwhelming but also kind of great. We answered them all and let people know what was going on with out business and what our plan is but I realized that I haven't really posted it completely on here so I am going to share my response to one of the e-mails that I received

Thank you so much for writing us. Well, we don't launch for another two weeks but I am really happy to hear that a buzz is in the air. There isn't too much to tell right at the moment except that my partner Dan Dunbar and I are launching our business Dun-Well Doughnuts on February 2nd. We are actually starting out very small, hoping to get a buzz, and then to expand. After Feb 2nd our doughnuts will be available at certain coffee shops and restaurants throughout the city. Our hope is to grow our wholesale business until we can no longer meet the demand and then open a storefront here in the city. Our timeline for this is sometime in the late summer early fall. 

For our product we source local and organic as often as possible. We use organic unbleached flour and organic evaporated cane juice as our sweetener. At the moment, since we are just starting, we do not have any gluten free products. But give us a few months. Right now we are focusing on yeast risen doughnuts, think Krispy Cream, but with an artesianal bent. We don't just make your run of the mill doughnuts (though we do do that) we make some special great special flavors you won't find any place else....one of my favorites is root-beet. I can't really say much more now because we still have a lot of work to do before the launch.

So that is the news for now. If anyone knows a good website designer out there be sure to shoot us an e-mial at dunwelldougnuts@gmail.com Dan and I would like to get our website really going


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  1. yum root-beet! that must be really pink and earthy!